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Happy Thanksgiving! #plexus #thanksgiving

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Just a little taste of what you'll get in tonight's episode (airing April 13, 9PM EST until April 14th, 8PM EST) of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. If you haven't signed up to watch yet, click on the image and u'll receive your direct link to Episode 2. Please don't forget to share this life-saving information with your friends and loved ones! Cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence!

The Truth About Cancer

13 awesome health benefits of chia seeds

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4 Standing Moves for a Super-Flat Stomach | Women's Health Magazine

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dry brushing lymphatic system

Workout at home!


Blend a better smoothie today! Know the ingredients you put into every frozen drink to help lower carbs and sugar and start boosting your beverage with vital nutrients.


HIIT Treadmill Workout If you are looking to lose weight fast HIIT workouts might be just right for you. They tend to burn fat faster than in a shorter period of time.

A simple science experiment to show why leaves change color! This one is the coolest experiment for kids!

12 Weight Loss Morning Workouts To Burn Maximum Calories! #fitness #weightloss


Awesome!! Aprende a tonificar y potenciar tus brazos y hombros con theraband

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30 Uses for Coconut Oil (Besides Cooking)

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How to Become a Runner in 8 Weeks |

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Best Butt Workout

Drink Coffee Put On Some Gangster Rap & Handle It Shirt - Skull Leggings - Gym Outfit - Workout

Think of it this way: You may need those post-workout calories to sustain you through the next sweat session. So while you think about loading up on cheesy carbs, keep hydrated with this water bottle that understands your true motivation for exercise. #pizzaforthewin

30 Wedding Hairstyles - Romantic Bridal Updos

Wedding Forward

10 Minute, Before Work, Butt Workout by Kama Fitness

Starry Night Sky and Girl Watercolor - Art Painting Print 8x10 by Heatherlee Chan | Lady Poppins