journal pages in progress - by bun - artist: roxanne coble

African wax prints are known for their vibrant colors and bold designs. These fabrics are 100% cotton and are the best quality available in West Africa! Traditional used for garments, this fabric is p

Ananse Village

finally found you by cora tiana - Watercolor Paintings by Cora and Tiana <3 <3

Art and Design

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BIDDING!!! ;u;// Both adopts now belongs to thank you Did this last, last month and hardly finishes it AND YAS GIRL ADOPTS its been a while  AB will be updated 20 hrs aft...

"Spring Birches VI" by Frank Balaam available at a Scottsdale art Gallery, The Marshall | LeKAE Gallery of Fine Art

Queen of goldsmith by Moryartix on DeviantArt. LOVE this design so beautiful :)

lockscreens no. 195 - twenty one pilots, vessel lyrics “ font: Montserrat shop my prints: Here ” do not repost or redesign. likes + reblogs are appreciated


more@ - v7 - 1914-15 Materials & documents of architecture and sculpture : A reissue of Matériaux et documents d'architecture et de sculpture 1872-1914

Sunflower Plaque for exterior stone pillar ~ residential commission based on client's watercolor painting ~ handmade by Natalie Blake Studios

Shoutei (1871-1945) 松亭 The PineTree of Succes on the Sumida River 大川首尾の松、1910

When making a bid, please reply to the highest bidder! Auction ends 7.8. I accept only paypal this time. AB'd BY Sunnibutt SB: 20$ Min increase: 1$ Autobuy: 45$ Note that: - You c...