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25 Nice Typography & Lettering Designs

palo seco

Monstera deliciosa - o costilla de Adán- en la estilosa casa de los Eames (Case Study House Los Angeles, California, Monstera deliciosa en la entrada del estudio de Matisse (Hotel Regina, Niza, a quién además sirvió de inspiración para sus cut-outs.

How to Build a Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand that Looks Like it Belongs in a Dwell Magazine

This would cost so much at the store, but it's so easy to make! DIY your very own mid-century plant stand:

Entrevista a Sarah Benning, bordadora de plantas | El blog de Dmc.


Monstera delisiosa Philodendron More

A premium plant! Kentia Palm is an elegant plant that eagerly thrives indoors yet grows relatively slowly so it can be enjoyed for many years. You’ll regard this palm as a stylish addition to your room, adding lush color and graceful fronds. Botanic name: Howea fosteriana Care tip: Kentia palms are colder tolerant than some other palms, and can thrive in cold dips to 10 degrees F.

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