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Fabulous Bob Fosse Choreography

Great tune and oldschool choreography

Janet is an awesome dancer

Soldier like choreography

Footworking to a Theo Parrish tune

Simple video, classic street dance choreography that really stands out

They dance and traffic doesn't stop tem

Created by Rod Serling the Twighlight Zone made its debut in the north american television in 1959, and it was the place for all things unexpected: thiller, horror, science fiction, suspense...narrated and directed in a way that the heart skips a beat every minute. The opening has surrealist aesthethics with a fantastic typography for the title.

Max Headroom aka the first computer generated TV host show. Well technology didn't allow in the mid to late 80s to create such a complex 3D figure, so Max Headroom, played by actor Matt Frewer, was very human... most visual effects in Max Headroom are make up, not 3D animation. Max Headroom has more personality than most tv teleprompters and telepromptresses nowadays, that could be easily be substituted by this time a real computer generated host.

The origins of Rapido are in the late 80s french tv. The show was then bought by the BBC and it aired in many countries, Spain included. The spanish audience could tune into Rapido at La 2 past midnight always at an indefinite time, in the early 90s, tv show schedules were never respected, which was annoying. The visuals were designed by Jean Baptiste Mondino, and the content was music oriented and varied, alternating interestingness with blah in the course of less than 30 minutes.