Maqueta en el modulo de construcción. Muestra el paso a paso desde que se hace la zapata y se hace el castillo hasta que se funde la loza de entrepiso mostrando en todos los pasos cortes del proceso.
modelos brise soleil madera lamas orientables
sectional perspective with construction details
Aluminium Skirting board PROSKIRTING CHANNEL by PROGRESS PROFILES Handmade - Home & Kitchen - Furniture - handmade furniture -
Lokais' studies in metal work at Fusion Works.: Steel baseboards
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expansion joint
Floors and walls in an ICF home..icf is concrete formed more insulated, stronger and energy efficient

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Aluprofil von AGS für Flächenbündigkeit im Sockelbereich Mithilfe einer Unterputzschiene lassen sich Sockelleisten flächenbündig montieren. Die Idee stammt vom Unternehmen AGS-Systems aus Südtirol. In Deutschland wird das Produkt über Repac Montagetechnik vertrieben.
drywall to baseboard transition along with door jamb - #TODesign #interiordesign - via Kyla Bidgood Interior Design - interiordesign…
Sistema de fijación aluminio / de barandilla / para panel / perfiles de fijación CU Clear glass
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Are you trying to choose the right finish for your new apartment floors? This post will show you standard, affordable products used in an inspired and creative way - that's what interior design is all about. Click through to read the whole post or pin the image to save for later.
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