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an advertisement for a bottle of wine from the late 1800s's, featuring a label with
2007 Cartell 125è Aniversari Vichy Catalán Digestiva Excelente para mesa - català
an old advertisement for coffee with two people sitting at a table and talking to each other
Ovomaltine (1929)
a label for a soap with the image of a woman's face
an old advertisement for compal wine with two women sitting at a table in front of a tree
Século Ilustrado – Página 2 – Ilustração Portugueza
an old advertisement for agua casteello with angel holding a bottle in its hand
Publicidade Água Castello 1940
a drawing of two people sitting at a table
an old poster shows a man and woman in evening dress, holding a bottle of wine
an advertisement for farmacia barral from the early 1900's, featuring a woman cooking
Publicidade antiga | old advertisement | Portugal 1910s