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giant book wall

by Amy Lau Design West Chelsea Loft Like it all, but the wooden chair is particularly fantastic.

Originally pinned as 'elegant bookshelf' but I am paying more attention to what is in front...

Easier to fit these wall to wall than formal cabs. A longer shelf bracket can be used to create a floating bedside table and locate the headboard in front of this wall. Nothing elaborate here, the mechanics of it disappear and only the wood and objects remain.

!!!!!!!!!- great use of color! Will be a perfect way to add color to such neutral spaces.

i wish a magical fairy would come install shelves like these in my house.

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Space

A decorative shelf or series of shelving units can nicely show off your figurines or books or vintage record collection. This functional design element can also break up a span of wall and give you more ways to get organized.

Architect Visit: Casa Kike Writer's Retreat by Gianni Botsford

The natural wood finish of these bookshelves in a Pacific Heights house by San Francisco-based Hulburd Design contrasts nicely with the pale blue hue of the walls (as an added decorative flourish, the books are sorted by color).