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In the studio the children experiment with the light, its position, the placement of their hands and their bodies. Using this space as a venue to discover aspects of their shadows builds their base of understanding ≈ ≈ For more inspiring pins:


Experimento infantil: un tornado en un frasco

Experimentos para niños: como hacer un tornado en un frasco


How to Make Colored Rice

Children’s Craft Idea: Colored Rice- I'd love to have a rice table for Ainslee.

6 Candy Science Fair Projects for Kids

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30 must try Summer Science activities that will WOW the kids and keep them engaged in learning. {COOL outdoor experiments for Summer}

My daughter did this SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT. This would be very easy for kids to participate in. Just buy white carnations and add food coloring to the water in the tubes and watch the flowers change color. this would be very easy for high school and middle school kids. However, with elementary kids you risk them making a big mess if they were to spill the water while handling the tubes.

Exploring Money in Pre-K

Coin Cleaning Children bring in “dirty” pennies from home and experiment with various ingredients: vinegar, salt, and ketchup, along with some ingredients that will not clean pennies well (such as water, flour, etc.) Children experiment with the different materials to find what cleans pennies the best. (Vinegar and salt together will clean pennies, and ketchup by itself will clean them.)

Hinchando globos con bicarbonato y vinagre