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Rollo from History Channel's Vikings. Ok, honestly, I try NOT to pin Rollo too much, because he is a fictional Viking, but the gods are not with me in this struggle. ;-)

Morné van Zyl on

Xadrez, barba e estilo.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men – Part 4

Native American. Martin Sensmeier. OMG... uh..I will just say it, This man is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More

Scott Eastwood Covers 'August Man' July 2016!

Photo (Modern Hepburn)

El silencio es el templo donde el sabio medita...

Incredible to meet him!!Shirtless Rollo. Oh God in heaven. Tall, dark, well built, moody. My default setting for bad choices.

También los caballeros pueden andar a la moda con la tendencia tribal y por supuesto su calzado ADOC.