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a person holding a coffee cup in their hand
La Fée des Oignons 🧅 | Je pense que je m’en viens bonne ☕️ I think I’m getting good at this Le mois dernier, je me suis lancé un gros défi en ouvrant une… | Instagram
three different colored pool balls sitting on top of a white cloth covered table with numbers
Hayde on Instagram: "STONEWARE CERAMIC BILLIARDS PLATES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT 1pm EST ON MY ETSY TOMORROW, SATURDAY MARCH 23rd 🎱🎱🎱🎱 A small batch will be up for purchase + lots of discounted plates for minor flaws like levelling issues! #pottery #ceramics #stonewareceramic #zadeh"
miniature food items are arranged in the shape of hearts, eggs, and pretzels
clay fridge magnets
handmade/painted clay food magnets | this was so much fun!! my new hyperfixation craft 💌🍳🥑🥨🍪🥖
three carrots with faces painted on them are being held by someone's finger
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Clay pins 💚
many different toys are laying on a white sheet and have been placed in the shape of animals
not my pic, just edited by me 🐸
three pieces of watermelon sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
DIY Watermelon Buttons with Polymer Clay - Repeat Crafter Me
I suppose I have moved on from Spring-themed crafts and moved right into Summer 🙂 And nothing screams Summer more than watermelon! Here is a tutorial on how to make your own Watermelon Buttons using polymer clay. These would be a fun embellishment on a clip, headband, crochet hat, charm bracelet or could even be …