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two white ceramic birds hanging from strings on a gray tablecloth, one is decorated with lace and the other has an ornament in the shape of a bird
Adornos navideños con masa de sal
Adornos navideños con masa de sal - Dale Detalles
two white cats with red, blue and green hearts on their ears
20180912_182554 | Ursa Polak | Flickr
three paper plates sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden floor with wood floors
Wall flowers- polymer clay on canvas
Polymer clay wall art by Bull's Eye Studio
a woman is holding up a stained glass art piece that looks like a sunflower
fjmosaicart.com -&nbspfjmosaicart Resources and Information.
four colorful birds sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other in different colors
Aves !!!!! Ceramica EB!!!!!
a white necklace with wavy lines on it
Montse Basora
Montse Basora - like my extruded oblongs texture - interesting. Looks like each…
an origami doll is sitting on a table with other paper cranes in the background
Lots of cute polymer clay creations. Need to brush up on my French though!
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with candy canes and decorations on it
Handcrafted Polymer Clay Gingerbread House Ornament - Etsy
This is s one of a kind, handcrafted ornament made of durable polymer clay, with much attention given to detail and careful construction. No
a large pink flower with lots of petals
Coral Pink Peony Cake Flower Clay Flower Cake Topper Blush | Etsy
Blush Gold Peony Cake Topper Clay Flower Cake Topper by parsi
an assortment of owl themed dishes and cups
Unique Gifts, Home Furnishings, Gift Catalog, Bedding
With the Owl Tabletop Collection, it's easy to set a stylish table. Each piece is decorated with the same owl design in various colors. The 3-Section Server