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I have evaluated this amazing Project, called The Global Read Aloud, in which books are used to connect people! Have a look at this Prezi Presentation ;)

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My Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for Primary Students. Every School using ICTs should elaborate a RUP to ensure Internet safety. This document is signed by the parent and student and includes important information, such as which digital tools will be used, what identity protection measures are in place, and the consequences for improper behaviour.

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With, I have created this comic about Leonardo da Vinci! It's great for young learners ;)

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Have a look at my first video story about the lovely book "Four Little Corners".

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Online Safety Activity: This is a warm-up activity to be developed in the classroom, before watching the animated video “Brain Pop Jr.: Internet Safety”, whose link is: This video is very interesting and very appropriate for young learners: it is interesting, clear, and shows what you should do in some situations, when surfing the Internet. The warm-up activity I propose is a survey, using Google Forms.

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321 Introduction Story by Ana Ibáñez with is the perfect tool to create story books in the classroom, even with young learners! It's easy, simple and the result is very professional! Let your students' creativity fly by creating stories with storyjumper ;)

pin 1 is perfect to create Video Lessons. This is my Video Lesson about the UK! ;)

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Storyboard about the lovely story "Four Little Corners": . (Template by )

Using Portrait Avatar Maker you can personalize your avatar in a very easy way! It's great fun! This is my Avatar! Just like me!! ;)