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Cool Projects

Country Kitchen. The galvanized tubs for sinks idea is pretty awesome but not in a kitchen. Maybe in a laundry or farm porch.

Sliding barnwood door to separate the mudroom from the rest of the home, custom made by Burchette. Stained concrete flooring with sawn grooves. The Hennek Residence by Resort Custom Homes on Houzz.

I wonder what this would look like in our house... we don't have a "hallway" as such, but could still pull this off, I think.

Barnwood mudroom....perfect! Great sliding barn door too. I would want the wood to be a little softer - and maybe stained or painted so it doesn't look so overly rustic, though.

Door seen in the Santa Fe Village shopping arcade in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Alpine Victorian retreat

Stable-door entry to timber home of the owners of Alpine Victorian Retreat, Australia

Even though this is a poor country, look at the beauty this scene creates....