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a small boat floating on top of a lake
Cape Cod at Sunrise
Cape Cod at Sunrise
an old boat in the water with rope on it's front end and back end
Cookie.Peste #Photography #black and white Chiaroscuro, Macro Fotografie, Collage Foto, Foto Macro, Foto Tips, Macro Photos, Black N White Images, White Picture
Cookie.Peste #Photography #black and white
a painting of a woman with her hands on her head and arms behind her back
Photography - David Galstyan
two trees in the middle of a park with birds flying above them and a person walking by
Jean Mounicq
several skiers are skiing down a snowy mountain slope in black and white, with long shadows on the snow
come on boys... by Peter Svoboda / 500px
a man is holding the hand of a giraffe
Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert
an arched bridge over water with trees in the background
le'bridge by vLixoz on DeviantArt
The reflection and shape of the bridge is incredible, and the way it frames the tree line is really cool.
an elephant standing next to a little boy sitting on the ground and reading a book
Gregory Colbert
Ashes and Snow - Gregory Colbert
two people sitting at a table in front of a menu on a glass signboard
Saul Leiter | Photography Artist
Saul Leiter 1959.
a dog is sitting on the steps in front of a liquor store with bottles behind it
Christer Str�mholm
Christer Strömholm
black and white photograph of people walking in the rain
Rue de la Pluie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, 1935. Gisèle Freund.