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Painting and sculpture animal

Paintings and sculptures on wildlife made ​​by Alfonso Jaraiz.
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Buffalo muddy. Acrylic on textured table. A "Titan " as the African buffalo just out of a real mud bath is fantastic for a paint textures animal. By Alfonso Jaraiz.

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Lion vs hyena in preparation , mounted sculpture and painted by Alfonso Jaraiz ...

Bull. Watercolor, 16.20" X 12" (41cm x 30cm).

Bull in the plaza. Watercolor, 16.20" X 12" (41cm x 30cm).

Leopard. Pastel on Canson colored, 19.5 "x 25.5" (50 cm x 65 cm).

Leona vigilant. Graphite-pastel-conte on paper, 11,70" x 16,53" (29.7 cm x 42 cm).

African elephant. Acrylic on textured table. The work shows the front of an African elephant, there are few things as this representation to work in painting textures , here I try to show both sight and touch the skin of the giant magnificent as it is. By Alfonso Jaraiz.

Leonas, the game by Alfonso Jaraiz. Painting want to show a group of lionesses in a time of calamity is a terrible drought in full African plain , are exhausted is the harsh reality, die or survive.