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Comparatives and Superlatives

Ordinal Numbers & Skip Counting Freebie - could substitute my own students' names on something like this. Cute. It's hard to find things for teaching ordinals.

English Grammar Past Simple: Irregular www.allthingsgrammar.com/past-simple.html

paper dolls coloring pages | Free Printable Paper Dolls For Boys

Have your class tell you some things they will miss about summer and things they are looking forward to school. Good conversations to be had!

freebie friday and good character bingo

Character Chart~ This chart packs a lot of important information onto one, easy-to-understand display. It's part of a post from Using My Teacher Voice on playing Character Bingo with the class. I plan to make a chart like this and place it in a prominent location in my classroom!

Montessori-Inspired Caterpillar-Butterfly Unit

{Montessori-Inspired Caterpillar-Butterfly Unit} The felt pieces are great!

Diving Into Ocean Activities | Scholastic.com

Literacy Activity This game is easy to make!! It has 4 simple steps. 1. Buy the bugs at Target for 1 dollar!!! 2. Print the WHO AM I cards. 3. Glue the completed WHO AM I cards to the back of the blank ones! 4. Have your students read and determine which bugs go with which clues!