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Una idea genial para el cumple de los chicos... linda, sencilla y económica.

What is it with the Japanese and their stylish bakeries? Bread was first introduced to Japan by missionaries, but it only really gained ground with the countrys postwar Westernization. Although the bread itself may still be a little retro—not many grains to be found—the stores are something to marvel.

A beautiful Backery in Japan/ Una bonita panederia en Japán.

sai333さんの提案 - 蒸しパン専門店 「Once」 の ロゴ | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

sai333さんの提案 - 蒸しパン専門店 「Once」 の ロゴ | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」



washi stickers - japanese wagashi sweets - set of 5 colours - 40pcs. $5.75, via Etsy.

Washi stickers - japanese wagashi sweets - sets (5 sheets / 40pcs) or single sheet ( one colour - 1 sheet - 8 pcs)

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