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We've come to a decision: we love collocations! A collocation is a pair or group of words that are used together. One example is "come to a decision." Check out our #AmericanEnglish graphic for other collocations that use the verbs "come" and "go." Can you use one or more of these in a sentence?

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“Finger licking good” means “very tasty”. Example: My mother makes the best lasagna in the world. It’s finger licking good.

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Useful Expressions you won't find in a grammar book

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12/11/13 Collocations Lists | EnglishClub Collocations Lists ( On this page you can find a few short lis...

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Meaning: "to catch a person in the act of doing something wrong". Example: Tom was stealing the car when the police drove by and caught him red-handed.

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"Give somebody the benefit of the doubt" means "to believe someone or something". Example: She said she was late because her flight was canceled, and we gave her the benefit of the doubt.

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