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Multiplayer I: Attack

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Win your multiplayer encounters with our advice.


1. Fight online against other players! Go to your defence tower, tap on it, then tap on the 'Battle Online' button.

2. Tap on the 'Ranking' button to enter this section. ________________________________________

3. Check which players are in the top 10. What's your current rank? How much you need to get one rank more?

4. Tap on 'Battle Now' to enter a combat against another player.

5. Choose your opponent between the 3 available, or tap on 'Next' to refresh this screen. Pay attention to what level they are, and which arenas and treasures they have.

6. Now is the time to use your best fighters! You can choose up to 3 of them

7. Beware! You have 3 minutes only to defeat all the enemy waves of your opponent. Be quick!

8. When you win, you rock! You not only get a higher rank, but the battle loot is yours!