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Los colores tienen la capacidad de influenciar sobre los sentimientos y la conducta humana. De ahí a la importancia de escoger el color adecuado a la hora de emplearlo..
Moda vestidor
Color combinations
36 Colour Palettes for your Wardrobe Part I: Warm vs Cool
Ways to Mix and Match Colors in Your Outfit - How to Mix Colors - Cosmopolitan.. Complimentary colors really mean OPPOSITE colors.
White shirt, Jean pants, belt from blue/pink/white dress for around waist, royal blue shoes
Para acertar no color block, eleja até três cores. Peças lisas também facilitam. | 42 segredos de estilo que fazem toda a diferença no look

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Great Color Combinations  Interesting...and helpful for those like me who are fashion-challenged!
Matching Colours (<--- I left this with the U so you could hear me say it in a British accent)
Kleuren combineren
Блог "сама себе стилист" о моде, стиле, цветотипах, типах фигур.
Spring Autumn Color Palette Colors That go With Your Skin Tone Spring Summer Fall Winter Personal Color Seasons Colors Clear Spring Color Palette Color Summer Spring
Cada chica debe conocer estas reglas.
Great simple table of the 4 main color groups = my experience is you can successfully wear all of the warm colors whether labeled warm/light warm or spring/autumn...same for cool/light cool or summer/winter.
Cada chica debe conocer estas reglas.