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White Tattoos: There’s Badass in White

white ink feet tattoos

Getting Inked: Tattoo Basics

Cute White Ink Tattoos | ... White-Tattoo-Pretty-Is-An-Understatement.-Tattoos-Picture-White-Ink

Inspiring 3D Tattoos @ Girly Design Blog

Cross Contour Breadth | A cross-contour drawing uses lines that seem to move along the surface of the objects in the composition. These lines emphasize the volume of the objects by wrapping around them.

source unknown. If this is copyright please let me know.

Dancing Feet drawing print

"Dancing Feet" drawing print on etsy! Great gift for a dancer

Detail is used to suggest that the hand is tensed which emphasises the idea that he is frustrated or angry.

Cute Original Charcoal Drawing of Hands Holding for Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, or Valentine's Day. 5.75x8.5"

quick small sketch | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I would love to be able to draw this. We'll see. I will tryy