I'm a little teapot/cup

I didn't realize the tea theme was so popular. There are thousands of beautiful pins on here. I have tried to keep mine within certain parameters. However…
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there is a cake and tea set on the table
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tea and pastries on a table with pink flowers in a vase next to it
𝒜𝓃𝒶 ℛℴ𝓈𝒶
a cup of tea sits on a saucer next to a canister with flowers in it
a glass tea pot filled with black tea next to sliced bread
three teacups and two plates with pastries on them
Tea for Two
tea and pastries on a table with flowers in the vase behind them, including lemons
Five Favorite Scone Recipes - Victoria
a person pouring tea into a white teapot with black polka dots on the rim
White Ceramic Teapot, Handmade Pottery Tea Pot, Extra Large With Black Polka Dot, Unique Stoneware, Housewarming Gift for Tea Lovers - Etsy UK
a tea pot with a purple handle next to two cookies and a flower on a table
Floral Ceramic Teapot Handmade Pottery Tea Pot Extra Large | Etsy
pink and red flowers are in vases next to a teapot on a table
Frosty Autumn Light & Tea