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a woman in a white dress with cucumbers on her face, and an ad for
i had to join in the trend 😔
#percyjackson #annabethchase #groverunderwood #pjo #aryansimhadri #leahsavajeffries #walkerscobell #theseaofmonsters mine <3
a man with curly hair is looking at the camera while wearing a black t - shirt
– aryan simhadri
two young men standing next to each other
a group of young people standing next to each other
– aryan simhadri, charlie bushnell, walker scobell, leah sava jeffries, and dior goodjohn
two people standing in the woods holding boxes
two young men are holding hands in front of a large object that looks like a spaceship
grover underwood & percy jackson
two young men holding up large knives in the woods with trees behind them and leaves on the ground
charlie bushnell and walker scobell