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Netbook Computer Accessories, Cooling Pads

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Targus AWE45US HeatDefense for Laptops (Gray/Black). Black, Grey. 1.2 pounds. Targus AWE45US HeatDefense Notebook Cooling Pad AWE45US 1026. Windows. Height 13.75 x Width 11.75 x Depth 0.1. Weight. Dimensions: weight: 100, width: 175, height: 1175. Dimensions.


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LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology. Measures 15.5" (diagonally). Black, Grey. Retractable USB cable provides quick and easy storage. Dual whisper-quiet fans help keep laptop cool for maximum performance and longevity. System Requirements: Available USB port. USB powered for convenience. CD-ROM. Patent-pending technology substantially reduces exposure to harmful laptop radiation and heat. Variable-speed fan control. 15.5000" l x 12.0000" w x 3.0000" h x.

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Targus Chill Hub and Chill Mat with 4-port Hub for Laptop up to 17-Inch, Black (AWE81US). Bottom ledge keeps laptop in place. The Targus Chill Mat+ can be raised up to four 4-inches, giving users the chance to use their laptop as a monitor when paired with an external keyboard. Connectivity When using a laptop in lieu of a traditional desktop computer, you’re probably going to want to attach a mouse, a keyboard, and other peripherals. The Targus Chill Mat+ 4-Port Hub was...

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