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King Mihai and Queen Anne of Romania

King Mihai and Queen Anne of Romania

King Mihai of Romania

Two kings. Prince Mihai (future King of Romania) and his grandfather, King Ferdinand of Romania. Circa 1921-1922.

King Carol II. of Romania with his son Mihai, future King of Romania

King and Queen of Romania

Prince Radu, Princess Margarita and her parents Queen Anne and King Michael of Romania

1948 wedding of King Michael of Romania and Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma.

Queen Anne of Romania, wife of King Michael. She was raised in France with her brothers. Her family escaped to Spain after the German invasion in WWII and eventually settled in the US. In 1943 Anne joined the French army and served as an ambulance driver in 5 countries, earning the French Croix de Guerre medal. Through her mother, Princess Margaret of Denmark, Anne is a distant cousin of, among others, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, and her husband, King Michael.