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Yogurt Cups

Organiza tus cajones con vasitos de yogur

Who knew yogurt cups could be so useful? :O doing this!!!

Totally doing this with my daughter and yogurt cups! (The directions are in French but there are pictures, too:)

Items Used: Refill container $6.00 at Wal-Mart 2 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup light corn syrup mix in a bowl together and microwave four minutes Gently mix 1/2 cup dish liquid (I was told Dawn is the best) And that is it and it works! I made four batches to go in this container. Reused Items: I saved bubble wands from old bubble containers Saved yogurt cups to reuse for something Everything else was already on hand except the container!

Plastic Pot Recycling - Using Yogurt Cups #2 - Garden Junk- great craft for kids over the summer!

Combine Crafts with Science and have great fun making these real movable little tug boats. The kids adore them.

We're envisioning an entire series of sea creatures, like The Pout-Pout Fish (Deborah Diesen; illus. by Dan Hanna) and all his friends!

DIY Yogurt Cup Organizer DIY Yogurt Cup Organizer- can't understand the instructions to this one, but I like it!

How to build a better sandcastle. How to take tools from around your house and use them to sculpt your dream sand castle. Buckets, funnels, paint brushes, straws and yogurt cups are just a few things to bring with you to the beach. - The Orange County Register

Cute penquins made from yogurt cups.

yogurt ( or Kcup) Bunnies !! easter is coming :)

Wall-E made out of random junk such as a tape dispenser, yogurt cup, and cardboard. Let's give a round of applause!

Strawberry Lime Fruit Dip...doterralife

I Dig Pinterest: 20 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fashion Customized: How to make your own dress form from duct tape, pillow stuffing, cardboard and a stand - brilliant!

Mini Hat favor container out of recycled yogurt cups... also read you can make a teacup for a teaparty ?!?

Organização com pote de danone

Recycle yogurt cups into vases for tissue paper flowers. | 17 Easy Emergency Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

yogurt cups + baby food jars = mini greenhouse/seed starter

Old tights or nylons. Grass seeds in the toe, soil on top of that. Tie off, add face. Pour water into a decorated yogurt cup. Ten days later, hair. - Doodle Craft

Use round empty yogurt cups, dip them in paint and start stamping to create some contemporary DIY bubble art. The results are shown on a window panel below, but the effect would be equally stunning on a canvas.

UPcycle: DIY Yogurt Cup Organizer

1.Plastics containers in various sizes for outside mold. 2.Yogurt cups for inside mold 3.Non-stick cooking spray 4.Plastic sheeting 5.Rapid set cement mix from home improvement store 6.Plastic bucket for mixing 7.Stir stick 8.Measuring cup 9.Sanding pad 10.Latex gloves 11.Outdoor ‘Patio Paint’