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Watercolor Bird Tattoos

Watercolor birds on my back, done by Alin Tomoroga at Propaganda Tattoo in CT - Imgur

could be a cool watercolor tattoo, would remove the fishes, change the type of bird, and instead of an anchor, a musical note, and add a vine plant

Abstract Watercolor Tattoos | Pin Watercolor Bird Tattoo Artistsorg on Pinterest

Watercolor bird tattoo for @Lara Elliott Elizabeth

Captivating. Stunning. Set me free... I love the watercolor feel to it.

The color of the birds really pops out of the tree/deer. Pretty damn sweet.

Something like this... really ornate or really realistic with watercolor messy instead of perfectly colored in!

Love this one! - Tattoo Ideas Central

cardinal watercolor tattoo - Google Search

bird tattoo, no outline. I LOVE that it looks like watercolors

Made 1000 of these birds for my friend's birthday, maybe a similar tattoo would be a great friendship tattoo

Bird of paradise watercolor...would make a beautiful tattoo

For my text tattoo, I want to commission a watercolor bird from this artist and have my tattooer put it on me with a quote that means a ton to me.

Watercolor bird tattoo

watercolor tattoo Based off the amazing @ondrashtattoo Possible best fran tattoo?!?! @Michelle Stewart

Watercolor bird and flower tattoos across forearms- love the way it looks I don't want it, but it looks cool

Watercolor Birds by Dean Crouser. Dean Crouser is an Oregon based artist who tries to keep his work simple, beautiful, and elegant. These birds are incredibly artistic and show an amazing amount of depth and emotion.

Watercolor bird tattoo from Studio 21 in Las Vegas, NV