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Watercolor Bird Tattoos

like the placement.....starting to really like this style:)

Watercolor Music Bird tattoo done by Jeremy at Liberty Tattoo Co. in College Station. "Je Chanterai" means "I shall sing" in French. I got this in reference of Psalm 59:16- "But I will sing of your strength. I will sing of your steadfast love in the morning, for you have been a refuge to me in my day of distress." I don't think I could love it any more than I do.

water color bird tattoos | Watercolor bird and twig, would make a ... | Tattoo Inspiration!

#facepaint365 #facepaint inspiration feather watercolour

Origami Bird - wanna know how they get that water colour effect...would it fade fast?

big blue bird watercolor tattoo on upper arm - feather,circles, ink mark

abstract bird and cage watercolor tattoo on thigh - feather

Watercolor Bird Tattoo

colorful watercolor bird tattoo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Great watercolor birds on cherry blossom branch tattoo, add an extra bird to make it a Three Little Birds tattoo.

Beautiful Watercolor Humming Bird Tattoo

could be a cool watercolor tattoo, would remove the fishes, change the type of bird, and instead of an anchor, a musical note, and add a vine plant

watercolor tattoo - (Russell van Schaick) My mom's favourite flower, perhaps it's time to rethink the tribute... (flowers?)

watercolor bird tattoo - Google Search

Beautiful bird tattoo. Love the colours.

My watercolor bird tattoo, done by Ty @ Imperial Tattoo, Wausau, WI

A beautiful bird tattoo done in watercolor tattoo

Beautiful watercolor bird tattoo

Watercolor bird tattoo

Old London Road bird Tattoo

Watercolor tattoo bird, love it, but owls for me instead.

The link has more but I love how realistic this looks

Birds watercolor tattoo by Alexandra Katsan | Kiev, Ukraine