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Watercolor Bird Tattoos

fantastic bird back watercolor tattoo with flower - stem, feather

I really like these birds to signify a colourful journey of life. Maybe look into the significance of hummingbirds.

deviantART: More Like Abby Diamond Watercolor Bird Tattoo by ~patheticpeacepirate

watercolor abstract bird tattoo

I've wanted a song bird tattoo for a while now. I never thought of getting it in a watercolor style. That would be fabulous!

Freedom is a bird in the sky♥ I love almost every single tattoo in this pin

Watercolor humming birds represent lost family members. I got the third one in a different style to represent me. #watercolor tattoo #hummingbirds

Forest tattoo...maybe for underneath the feather/birds. The dark to watercolor is really getting me excited.

Seriously considering getting this done on my left thigh...this is spectacular.

Watercolor birds tattoo--- I really like this one. I like the feathers with birds coming out of them but everyone has them. (if I like it enough, it won't stop me!).

black birds on shoulder tattoo | Small black birds are inked on this girls shoulder from her right ...

Watercolor-blue-bird-tattoo.jpg 525×700 pixels placement

I plan on getting this on the left side of my lower back. It will be orange and red throughout. Then at the top it will be blue, and the birds will be blue also. Want stars coming off of my phoenix tattoo and I want the birds to meet in the middle of my back with the stars.

I really like this watercolor tattoo but I'm not a big fan of the birds and tree. :P

LOVE bird feather ART PRINT 12X16 original watercolor painting illustration home wall decor modern contemporary reproduction poster. $35.00, via Etsy.

Beautiful music bird watercolor tattoo on shoulder blade for girls

idea-tatuaje-pequeño-brazo-pajaro-artistico-acuarela.jpg (574×860)

bird watercolor tattoos, flower tattoos, rib side tattoos, tattoo ideas | Search Unique Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor hummingbird. Don't necessarily want a bird tattoo, but LOVE the watercolor technique.

Creative bird star watercolor tattoo on upper back for girls

Really like the mix of geometric elements with the more random splashes.

It's like a watercolor painting. colorblInd this. colibri, wanderlust. Again with the colors

MARY AND AMY- we could each get our own feather? In a style we like? Birds of a feather... ? Thoughts?