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Free sewing patterns: free printable pdf patterns and tutorials

Картинка Square off the armscye and make a little wider at the shoulder instead of sleeves ... make into a poncho (okay, is everyone tired of my poncho penchant yet??).

Love this pattern. Could easily switch back and forth between my steampunk collection and 'normal' evening attire!

It appears that this content was stolen [and composite photo created] from this Russian craft site ... Free, full-sized and printable patterns are available at the site :) ... , AND

"Names" for Pants / Trouser Lengths from the book: Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph-Armstrong.

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urbandon: RANDOM SEWING PATTERNS This looks like an interesting way to make a multi purpose garment.

Spring Kitten pattern. Super simple,and works well with knits as well as wovens. You get different results depending on what fabric you chose to use!

Presentation of 2 models of lingerie with the pattern made from scratch with Gerber.

Et finalement suite à plusieurs demandes sur le patron du sweat que je fais, j'ai finalement réalisé un patron pour Noémie . Que je partage finalement avec vous tous aujourd'hui ! Voilà pour le rappel,...


Patrones para Crochet: 2 Tutos Cordoncillo de Crochet Apliques

Dag 147 Hoe leuk is deze NEMO Maak je eigen Nemo knuffel uit vilt. Kies voor een goede kwaliteit handwerkvilt of wol vilt. Kijk voor vilt op

DIY Fashion Cape

Dare to DIY: DIY ropa blog con ideas

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