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Ravelry: Sleepy Fox Amigurumi pattern by Adorably Kawaii

Rainbow Amigurumi Jellyfish! Think I might want to get this pattern.

"Crochet amigurumi ballerina." #Amigurumi #crochet

Free Amigurumi Patterns

Olaf from Disney's Frozen Amigurumi Snowman by MilesofCrochet

Crochet Pattern of Jake from "Adventure Time" (Amigurumi tutorial PDF file) on Etsy, $3.35 CAD

Juguetes De Ganchillo, Patrones Amigurumi, Crochet Animales, Amigurumi Crochet, Ratones

monitos de nieve tejidos, crochet, ganchillo, amigurumi

Christmas Tree New Year pattern - Amigurumi Crochet and Knitting Pattern - by Zabelina Etsy

Monkey curtain tie back cotton yarn crochet monkey by thujashop. #Amigurumi #Home #Animals

Mike Wazowski #Pixar #Disney #amigurumi

TURORIAL_ Crocheted jogless stripes. A common problem in amigurumi: you want to crochet something striped, but there's this funky looking stairstep "seam" running diagonally where you change colors. How do you get rid of that!? Here is the answer, take a look at this wonderful DIY

HTTYD - Toothless amigurumi. $30.00, via Etsy.... So cuuuuuuute!

crochet mobile--DIY this! It's is sooooo adorable, No pattern, #amigurumi sun, clouds, rainbows, etc.

Elefante Amigurumi - Patrón Gratis en Español para Descargar en PDF ( click "Elefante.PDF" en letras azules) aquí: amigurumies.blogs... English Pattern here: www.allaboutami.c...

  • Rosa Blanco

    Cad=Cadeneta: Ch=Chain // Anillo Mágico= Magic Ring // PB=Punto Bajo: Sc=Single crochet(US) or Dc=Double crochet(UK) // PC=Punto de Cadeneta: Ch=Chain // Pe=Punto enano (o raso): Sl St=Slip stitch // Pto=Punto: St=Stitch // Aum=Aumentar ( 2sc in next st): Inc=Increase // Dim=Disminuir: Dec= Decrease // Rep=Repetir: Repeat // Girar- Turn // Cada- Each // Veces- Times // último- Last // Vuelta- Round // Todo alrededor- All around

  • Jessica Faux

    It looks it. I am no novice but I can see this being a challenge.

  • Rosa Blanco

    Hi Jessica , This Precious Elephant may seem very simple, do not recommend to novice. The part of the legs and the trunk is quite messy ...

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How To Crochet: Amigurumi Basics -- A wonderful guide for anyone just starting either crochet or amigurumi crochet! ^ ^

Pen-Pen the Penguin - crochet amigurumi pattern

Amigurumi cute seahorse

Hate attaching limbs to amigurumi? Not after reading this post!